15 Signs You Blacked Out Last Night

If you’re a fun person, odds are you’ve been blacked out before. All it takes is the right occasion, the right friends, and the right alcohol content. On the off-chance that you’ve never been blacked out before (good for you, no seriously, good for you), here are a few things you’re missing out on.

1. You woke up on the ceiling.

2. You woke up with a new friend.

3. You fudged up a tattoo.

4. Speaking of fudge…

5. You’ve suddenly, and unintentionally, become the most popular girl in town.

6. You cringe to think of the horrible things you might’ve done.

7. You suspect arson occurred.

8. Your feet are sticky, and you don’t know why.

9. You misplaced your car.

10. You hoarded bananas for tomorrow’s hangover. (The No. 1 cure.)

11. You need a new door.

12. And a new shower curtain.

13. You tried to cook pasta, but failed.

14. You remember one tiny blur from the night.

15. And you regret everything.