The Definitive Ranking of the 50 Worst Selfies Ever Posted on the Internet

Imagine seeing someone take a selfie ten years ago. You’d think they were completely insane. Nowadays cell phone cameras have to have a feature that lets you take a photo of your own face because we’ve become obsessed with taking pictures of ourselves. The internet is flooded with people trying to outdo each other with the most over the top and absurd selfies. Unfortunately, we’ve looked through more of them than any human should, and put together the 50 worst selfies ever posted online. Brace yourself because it is not a pretty sight to see.

50. What if this was before some sort of chicken prom?

49. The good news is your selfie went viral. The bad news is you no longer have a face.

48. This proves it’s impossible to look sexy while holding a roll of toilet paper.

47. Are those Uggs on the toilet? One of these people is either very overdressed or extremely underdressed for the weather.

46. This is how every Nicholas Cage selfie should look.

45. When your lawnmower game is on point and you want everyone to know.

44. Ah, the miracle of life.

43. If your boat’s sinking and your passengers are struggling to stay above water, always take a selfie.

42. Imagine explaining to your parents how you accidentally set the bathroom on fire.

41. The police are tackling someone. Obviously we have to document this with our faces.

40. Let’s just get the Geraldo selfie out of the way now so you’re not dreading it the entire time.

39. Literally everything about this picture is horrendous, right down to that leopard print hand towel.

38. “Can you give me, like, five minutes, Heather?!”

37. If we knew how our food was really prepared, we’d never go out to eat again.

36. You can either make sure there’s not a mirror in the background or just wait until you’re done pooping to take a selfie.

35. I pray this was for Halloween.

34. Do you realize how much preparation it took for him to take a selfie that looked like he was on a flying tricycle?

33. She realizes she’s in public, right?

32. You should go directly to jail for this, even if it was originally just going to be a warning.

31. What could possibly go wrong?

30. All this, plus he’s still using a flip phone?

29. No one is less excited about this picture than the cat getting picked up by his crotch.

28. That’s definitely going in the baby book as a treasured memory.

27. I have tried to recreate this and I still have no idea what she was trying to accomplish. Please let me know your theories.

26. I quit.

25. Great, now I’m terrified to use anyone else’s phone because I’m afraid they just rubbed their toes all over it.

24. Is there a more accurate photo of the current generation gap than this one?

23. You might die, but at least you got 8 likes!

22. “See honey, this is how you’re going to get a new daddy.”

21. Trust me, no one wants to have their head hidden in the corner more than him.

20. I’m sorry, but whatever reason she’s crying is completely deserved.

19. Always check the reflection in your glasses when you’re taking a selfie while dildo shopping.

18. This may actually be the greatest selfie of all time.

17. That kid will never be able to unsee the horrible things he’s probably witnessed.

16. Was the smiley face emoji really necessary?

15. I want to see the picture she took more than I’ve ever wanted to see anything.

14. This is a great reminder of what happens when you take unprotected selfies.

13. Come on, what kind of monster gets up without flushing?

12. If this picture is any indication, she missed the last few times you came to visit her.

11. She probably doesn’t believe in vaccinations either.

10. If Adobe knew this is how people were going to use Photoshop, they would have thrown the code into the ocean.

9. Aww, this funeral is SO about me.

8. I feel like we should have blurred out these ta-tas, right?

7. If you’re diabetic, look away immediately.

6. It’s going to be so easy to catch criminals when they just start posting their own wanted posters.

5. When you’re having a great hair day, why let a little death get in the way of showing it off?

4. Anne Frank in the house! What’s up!?

3. He’s definitely going to hell for that one. No way around it.

2. That’s a Four Square check-in where you really don’t want to become mayor.

1. He leaned into the casket for that one. Was the rest of the family there? How is this a real thing?
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