Do Men Who Lose Their Testicles Live Longer?

Photo: Diy13 (Getty)

Yeah, but what’s the point?

According to Uproxx, a scientific study conducted almost 50 years ago suggested that men who lose their balls can live up to 20 years longer than those fools who spend their entire time on the planet with their nards intact.

Do Men Who Lose Their Testicles Live Longer?

Photo: HBO

Sadly, the study involved castrating inmates at a “Kansas institution for the mentally retarded.” The 297 castrated inmates were compared to the 735 lucky ones who were chosen to live on with their stones.

Virtually every test conducted on the two groups of gentlemen yielded equal results except when it came to life expectancy, where “castrated inmates on average lived 13.6 years longer than the intact ones (55.7 vs. 69.3 years).” And the earlier an inmate was castrated, the longer he would live.

It wasn’t just the Americans who were conducting these sick studies. Koreans allegedly studied eunuch guards between 1500 and 1800 and came to the same conclusion.

Still, most doctors today say that if you’re looking for a longer life, there are much better alternatives to castration — like eating better and exercising. That, and you should refrain from walking in front of oncoming buses.

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