Hawaii Mother Loses Her Mind During Epic Bout of Road Rage

You might have already guessed, as the video below is from a road rage incident and not a Thursday afternoon knitting club, that it’s NSFW.

According to Ryan Arakaki’s YouTube page, he recently approached an intersection in Hawaii and noticed a stopped car with a good “car and a half length” between the front of it and the traffic lights. Since the driver had her head down, he decided to switch lanes and pull around in front of her.

Apparently after that seemingly harmless maneuver, all hell broke loose:

Here’s the full description from the uploader:

“As I made my turn I could hear the lady’s horn blaring. I looked in my rear view and I could see she was visibly upset. She continued to tailgate me and follow my closely. She then tried to either overtake me or get on the side of me to try and run me off the road. She did this a few times. I slowly drove the speed limit and made it to a shopping center nearby. At this point the lady continued to follow me and I knew she wasn’t going to let me go so I took out my phone and started recording her.”

The most disturbing part of the video has to be the fact that somebody like that is reproducing.

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