Couple Arrested for Engaging in ‘Sex Acts’ on Church Lawn

Photo:  boygovideo (Getty)

As is usually the case, it wasn’t a couple you actually wanted to see going to town on each other.

According to The Smoking Gun, a couple in Utah was arrested last weekend for engaging in sex acts on a church lawn during some other couple’s wedding.

A Salt Lake City police officer passing by Sacred Heart Catholic Church on his cruiser Saturday evening was flagged down by a concerned wedding guest. As he approached the church, he found Wilson Benally and Sandra Kruser going at it on the lawn, noting that he specifically saw Benally’s “tongue and finger inside of Ms. Krusen’s vagina.”


Benally and Kruser initially refused the officer’s request to stop expressing their love for each other, and only after the officer was forced to physically separate the two did the sex sesh come to an end, probably much to the delight of parents of the four children from the wedding party who were labeled as onlookers.

Benally’s “gross lewdness” marked the 102nd time he has been arrested and thrown in the Salt Lake City clink, while it’s only the 15th time Kruser has seen the inside of a jail cell.

It couldn’t be confirmed, but based on what we see in the couple’s mugshots, we’ll assume that the crime scene smelled terrible.

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