Callie Bundy Throwing a Football Has Mesmerized the Internet

A video montage of fitness model Callie Bundy throwing a football has managed to mesmerize the Internet, with her showing off some mean skills that would put many an NFL quarterback to shame.

Callie, who brands herself as a “StrongGirl Ambassador” and who is also the online editor for the site, uploaded a video of her making some extraordinarily accurate throws with a football, managing to hit a target from over 30 feet away, sink one into a basketball hoop and other equally impressive feats. 

The video has since attracted nearly 9,000 shares and over 5,000 likes on her Facebook page, with it continuing to generate big numbers online as it is circulated around NFL fan pages. On one of these pages it has attracted 6 million views, making Callie a bonafide viral video star.

Check it out below:

Callie Bundy has been steadily raising her online profile, with her official Facebook page having garnered nearly 50,000 likes. Known for posting fitness inspiration photos and dietary/exercise tips, Callie has also competed in various bodybuilding competitions, such as the IFBB Pro where she finished fourth. She has also been competing in the bikini division in the National Physique Committee since 2011.

Callie has also worked as a TV host, with her first on-air job requiring her to live and work in Japan, before she worked for The Weathernews as a Video Jockey and producer. She has hosted for Cablevision, RSN, Muscular Development and Muscle & Fitness Hers.