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We live in an age where a movie can be more than just a movie, it can be a piece in a larger puzzle, a vital but small link in a greater chain. This week’s new release Captain America: Civil War is a kickass superhero movie but it requires a dozen more feature films to have the right context, and that’s a lot of movies, which did a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong.

Crazier still, we only have sixty seconds to talk about them all!

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This week on Rapid Reviews, our venerable film critic William Bibbiani has been challenged to review all of the Marvel movies in sixty seconds or less. (For the record, “Marvel movies” refers to films released by Marvel Studios, not films based on Marvel characters, of which there have been over 50 in live-action alone.) Will he be able to make it? And will he be able to say something actually meaningful about all (or at least most) of them?

Watch the new Rapid Reviews to find out! And check out our longer(-ish) sixty second review of Captain America:Civil War!

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