Now Streaming | The Badass Movie Moms of Netflix

Every mom is, in their own special way, kind of a hero. But in movies, our moms are sometimes total badasses. 

How do movie moms go from maternal bliss to vengeful bloodletting? The same way they would in real life: somebody just has to mess with their kids. Very few bonds are stronger than the one we typically find between a mother and her child, so threatening those kids is definitely going to unleash a tiger. And in movie moms, that tiger is also kind of a terminator.

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We’ve scoured the library of Netflix to find the most badass of badass movie moms, the ones in who thrill us and make us pump our fists. To these movie moms and to everyone’s real life mothers, we wish you all a happy Mother’s Day, full of good times and heroic thrills!

The Badass Movie Moms of Netflix:

Top Photo: RADiUS-TWC / Dimension Films