Video Premiere: Midnight Mob Find Redemption in ‘Ghosts’

Crave is proud to premiere “Ghosts,” the latest video from New York rockers Midnight Mob. Frontwoman Blackey Deathproof’s soaring vocals ride atop a lean & restless intersection of blues, rock, and soul on the track, the latest offering from Midnight Mob’s new Honest Brutal Glorious EP (iTunes).

Alongside Blackey, guitarist Mickey Squeeze, bassist Carly Quinn, and drummer Beatz have taken Midnight Mob to entirely new heights since forming in 2009. To date, the Mob has released two EPs – 2011’s self-titled debut and 2013’s Black Moon Rising – in addition to 2014’s full-length album These Days. If their sound is familiar, you may have caught their tracks on WWE Smackdown and MLB 2014. 

“We are so excited for this video to come out! This song holds a special place in our hearts,” Blackey Deathproof tells Crave. “It was the first of the new songs and we began jamming out. I wrote the lyrics about a conversation I had with someone I cared about telling them that I was going to get sober, deal with some painful experiences in my past, have a relationship with God, and make amends with people I hurt. Hearing myself say that to someone after the life I lived, I thought I sounded crazy and could barely believe myself, but I knew it was my only choice or I’d lose everything.”

She continues: “Director Adam Bailey really did a lovely job with this video. I leave a shanty home and step into the deep dark twisted woods. We came across this group of massive fallen trees from hurricane sandy that just looked like an impossible scary tangled mess. That’s exactly how I felt! I eventually climb through it but then I’m confronted by these lights and running for dear life. Am I running from my problems or afraid of the solution and what it will cost us? Eventually, after running, I turn and face it whatever it is. Is it a friend or foe? What would it be for you?”

Pick up the Honest Brutal Glorious EP on iTunes, and keep up with Midnight Mob on Facebook / Twitter / Official