Ultra Exclusive | Interview: Jay xero Teases ‘Really Big Backlog’ of Upcoming Releases

The 2016 Ultra Music Festival was an incredible success, and Crave has a ton of exclusive interviews and performance recaps to relive the experience. 

We caught up with Martin Garrix, as well as Sultan + SherpardCLMD and others at The Music Lounge, the annual 3-day dance party featuring live sets and interviews with the world’s biggest DJs, producers and more. 

We also spoke with Brooklyn based-producer Jay xero, a beatmaker on the come-up with his unique blend of deep and tech house leading to shared stages with Sex Ray Vision and One Love (of Grammy-nominated “Kinetics & One Love”), all while finishing his studies at Cornell University. Watch below as Jay and our interviewer brave the high winds to discuss the current EDM scene and his vision for the future of the genre, as well as the recent infusion of soul and blues into modern dance sound. There’s a massive backlog of material due for release in the near future, which xero fans will undoubtedly be thrilled for. Check it out below: