Party With Crave at The Music Lounge’s 10th Anniversary Celebration With iHeartMedia

Crave is in Miami for the world famous Ultra Music Festival, once again bringing you all the latest updates, highlights and interviews from the biggest names in electronic dance music. Running March 17-19, the 3-day music lounge will feature live sets and interviews with the world’s biggest DJs, producers and more during one of the world’s most celebrated music events. 

The festival, which marks the end of Miami’s annual Winter Music Conference, has reached all new heights of potency this year, with an unbelievable lineup and an ramped-up crossover appeal. Crave is keeping the party roaring by co-hosting The Music Lounge, a special 10th anniversary celebration with iHeartMedia. Fans and revelers can get up close and personal with special DJ sets and live performances by some of the top acts in the industry. Check out more details below!!





































RSVP right here for the big anniversary throwdown, and have a blast at Ultra and Miami Music Week!