2015 Gaming Gift Guide: 10 Presents For Real Players

Christmas is a time for family, for friends and for general merriment, but above all else it’s a time for video games. Whether it’s trying to teach to your grandparents how to play Wii Sports, or unwrapping a brand new NES back when you were a kid, we’ve all got enjoyable Christmas memories tied to video games.

Now that we’re older, though, things shouldn’t have to be any different. While our tastes may have moved on since we were doing our respective impressions of the “NINTENDO SIXTY-FOOOOUR!” kid, and there may be plenty more gaming-related paraphernalia to buy outside of a console and a copy of Super Mario Bros, video games as a hobby have grown up alongside us and as such there are plenty more gifts to both and give and receive this Christmas.

In our following gift guide we have excluded both consoles, games and, for our own sanity, detailed explanations on the components you’ll need to build a satisfying PC rig, and have instead focused upon the accessories that will greatly complement your gaming experience heading into 2016.

2015 Gaming Gift Guide