2015 Home Video Gift Guide: 10 Presents For Film Lovers

Real movie lovers want to own their movies, not just buy access to them on digital streaming platforms. Besides, it’s hard to wrap a download. Fortunately the home video market hasn’t been put out of business yet. It’s evolving into a specialty medium for true cinephiles, it’s going to keep pumping out impressive films, boxed sets, restorations and more to keep the art form we all know and love alive.

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This year saw fewer amazing collections than the last, but that’s mostly because Blu-ray has been around for almost a decade, and many of the most exciting films and series have already been released by now. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some impressive collections to buy this holiday season, for yourself of for the film fans on your shopping lists, and of course there are always new and amazing motion pictures coming out every year that either broke box office records or slipped completely under your radar.

Crave’s 2015 Home Video Gift Guide has them all, so take a gander, and let’s start shopping!

Crave’s 2015 Home Video Gift Guide

Top Image: Criterion Collection / 20th Century Fox

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