Golf & Body NYC Bags Indoor Country Club Experience

The golfer amongst New York’s upper echelon will have a place to play even once winter descends on Manhattan. In fact, their off-season country club just might outstrip their summer time home base with its combination of services improving a player’s golf game physically and mentally.

Located a short walk from Times Square, the Empire State Building and Macy’s in the heart of New York, Golf & Body NYC is a holistic indoor golf experience enabling a player to enjoy the game no matter the weather while improving his or her play.

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From the moment a member exits the elevator into Golf & Body NYC, he or she has everything a golfer could desire ready and waiting. There’s a completely stocked gym with standard equipment such as cardio machines, free weights, weight apparatus, etc. But, the same space includes specific devices designed to develop a golfer’s strength, flexibility and conditioning.

If a player is recovering from an injury, Golf & Body NYC offers an entire suite of physical therapy equipment with therapists on duty. Members can also take advantage of massage service, acupuncture and nutritionist service.

When golf itself is on top of the menu, the club offers instruction and coaching for players of all ages Director with Golf Darrell Kestner, Featured Advisors Sean Foley and James Leitz, Head Professional Ronnie McDougal and Featured Professional Eden Foster. If the snow is falling on the New York streets, members can play any major course in the world via Golf & Body NYC’s multiple full size simulator bays.


The club also includes an entirely stocked True Spec Fitting suite where players can analyze their stance, ergonomics, physiognomy and swing to make certain their clubs fit properly. Once the data is gathered, players can select from more than 30,000 possible club combinations to get their equipment right.

Aside from all of the instructional and health-centric amenities, Golf & Body NYC also serves as a social destination for its members. There is ample event space throughout the simulator area and the in-house Cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the day. Even if a member doesn’t want to pursue the game of golf on a given day, he or she can relax in the urban country club atmosphere.

Now, just as luxury like this costs considerable money in a traditional country club setting, Golf & Body NYC doesn’t open its doors to your average Joe Six Pack who just came off a park muni in Queens. In fact, memberships is discussed with individual applicants by appointment. Fortunately, Manhattan packs plenty of well-heeled players able to pay their dues.

For golfers able to pay their way, Golf & Body NYC is a perfect hideaway for the New York golfer — an oasis of peace, quiet and seven irons in the concrete jungles.

You can take your own virtual tour via the gallery below.

All photos by John Scott Lewinski