Of Monsters & Men To Appear On Game Of Thrones Season 6

Good news for fans of Icelandic indie rock outfit Of Monsters & Men, with reports coming through that they will be appearing on the upcoming sixth season of the dragons and boobs epic HBO show Game of Thrones.

Also good news for people who hate them, as in all likelihood they’ll probably get decapitated, stabbed by a smoke demon and/or set on fire to appease the One True God. So, pretty cool for the haters as well.

Cameras (which were probably looking for Kit Harington aka the maybe dead, maybe not Jon Snow) have captured some sneaky pics of the band members on the show’s set in Spain, chilling in some Dornish swag. (For non-viewers aka losers, Dorne is the southern nation of Westeros, known for housing the most attractive characters and like, heaps of poison).

The cameo from Of Monsters follows on from previous muso appearances on the show, with both Sigur Ros and Mastodon getting some face time on Game of Thrones.

The shows sixth season, in which winter is still GODDAMN ON IT’S WAY APPARENTLY, will premiere sometime next year, and I am so so afraid for literally every characters life.

Check out the pictures of the band on set, below.