Feature | Christian Martin: Dirtybird Campout Packing Guide

Christian Martin has been dancing under the stars since the legendary deep desert parties of Moontribe in the mid-90s, and has been blessing House-heads with bangin’ bbqs in Golden State Park (along with Dirtybird co-founders Justin Martin, Worthy and Claude VonStroke)  since the early 2000s. In other words, the dude knows what it takes to go all-out in the great outdoors. So, if you’re thinking about joining Martin and an amazing line-up in Silverado, CA for the first ever Dirtybird Campout – and we think you should– take heed of these camping must-haves from one of the Yoda’s of yolo. 

1. Earplugs!

Maybe the most important thing you can bring. If you want to still hear anything by day 3, you need some. You don’t necessarily need super expensive custom plugs. Check your local drug store – the higher the number on the package, the more protected (and happier) your ears will be. 

2. A Bandana

Festivals can get dusty as hell, especially on the drought forsaken West Coast. There’s nothing worse than blowing out black snot-rockets weeks after you get back. 

3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You’re not always going to love the music emanating at full volume from the four stages pointed directly at your tent. I personally like the UE Boom, since you can easily double them up and they fit in a cup holder. 

4. Camelback

If you are having fun at a festival, chances are good that you are getting dehydrated. Drink way more water than you think you need and you will be rocking out while your friends are all groaning back at camp. 

5. Aeropress, Espresso Grind Coffee, Contigo Mug

If you’re a coffee fanatic, there’s nothing better than making a fresh cup on your own time. The Aeropress is a marvel of design, invented by the dude who made the Aerobie Flying Ring. Just drop in your espresso grind, fill with hot water, stir, push the plunger down, and blam – amazing coffee. Bonus points if you put it in a Contigo insulated mug – it’ll stay hot until the last sip. 

6. XL Bubba Keg

For all the rest of your cold dranks

7. Dancing Shoes

Don’t be the dumdum with the tore up feet who missed Bonobo’s secret third forest set because someone stomped on your flip-flops on the first night!!