Outside Lands Photos & Recap: Billy Idol Rocks Like The Devil, Looks Like Him Too

Veteran rocker Billy Idol was a fist-pumping nostalgia hot rod at Outside Lands 2015, despite a bewilderingly underwhelming start with the unknown 2014 single, “Postcards From the Past”.

Sure, he looks like Satan’s bleached grandfather and his band are dusted off relics of everything gaudy about the ‘80s, but that didn’t do anything to diminish the power of his remarkable run of hits including “Dancing With Myself,” “Flesh for Fantasy” and “Eyes Without a Face,” among others.

Interestingly, Billy lost his place during “Dancing” and rebounded with a number of “ALRIGHT OUTSIDE LAAAAANDS!” screams, but we forgot about that as we tried to discern whether to feel excited or grossed out that his cover of the Doors’ “L.A. Woman” was changed to “San Fran Woman”.

Check out a Crave-exclusive photo gallery from the performance below: