Some Genius Is Recreating Classic Album Covers With ‘Arthur’ Characters


We had a feeling it was going to be a wonderful kind of day and now it’s confirmed with the internet gifting us classic album covers recreated with characters from cartoon-show “Arthur”.

It was actually facilitated by Arthur’s television channel PBS who created an online game whereby you can pretty much place the show’s characters in any situation you damn well please. It takes a special kind of person, however, to realise the possibility to recreate album covers.

Amongst the genius collection we have recreations of Weezer’s Blue Album, Talking Heads’ Remain In Light and a particularly brilliant version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon whereby the triangle has been made solely from Arthur characters.

While ’90s kids would be forgiven for thinking “Arthur” only ran for the duration of their childhood, its actually sill going and premiered its 18th season in 2014.

By way of nostalgia Arthur seems to have made its way back into the psyche of twentysomethings lately. Last year Chance The Rapper covered Arthur’s theme song and has been receiving huge reactions every time he launches it on nostalgia-hungry crowds.

Check out the Arthur-themed album covers in the gallery below, then head here to see how Marvel recreated classic rap albums with their characters