Meet Your New Favorite Woman on the Internet: Maja Krag

Danish model Maja Krag makes a good case for topping your list of “exorbitantly attractive women who are proving to be very popular on the Internet.”

You need only take a fleeting glance at her Instagram page to gain an insight into why this is. For one, like most unattainable attractive people, she appears to spend the majority of her time on beaches. We’re not sure why attractive people are so allured by the ocean, but we can only imagine that they’re all reincarnated mermaids and mermen, which would make sense given that no one residing in Atlantis in The Little Mermaid was ugly. If you spot an incredibly good-looking person with an Instagram account, then we’d wager that at least 70% of their photos have been taken near sand – that cannot be a coincidence.

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Secondly, the 20-year-old model looks like a young Angelina Jolie, which is especially high praise considering that Angelina Jolie has never particularly looked old. While Maja Krag may not be a household name like Jolie just yet, she does have over 85,000 Instagram followers, which is certainly closer than the rest of us are to being as relevant as an A-list celebrity.

Take a look through the best snapshots of Maja Krag below, and be sure to follow her on Instagram, too:

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