Interview | Cathedrals: Forever Blushing

Consider yourselves lucky that Brodie Jenkins went from designing video games to fronting the sultry vocals of Bay Area-based  duo, Cathedrals. Alongside creative partner-in-crime Johnny Hwin, the two have created a couple EPs-worth of moody, meditative songs about love and longing that put on full display Hwin’s sonic competency and Jenkins’ feverish lyricism.   



For Crave Escape, Cathedrals took to the stage of the historic USS Midway in San Diego, accompanied by Mitchell Wilcox on drums and Jonathan Hererra on synth and bass, providing a warm, melodic groove that proved the perfect accompaniment to the slowly darkening skies. Opening their set with “OOO AAA,” a richly layered sample- and synth track driven by Jenkin’s smoldering vocals, the mood aboard the vessel quickly turned from Comic-Con geekery to seductive nighttime revelry.  

In our interview with Jenkins and Hwin, presently touring on behalf of their recently released Blush EP, the two laughingly give us the low-down on how they met, who inspires them, and how they continue to unpack their respective childhood influences.

Photographs by Emily Jane Matthews.