Watch | Hot Girl Walks By: A French Guy

Ahhh, the French – so passionate, so dramatic, so full of ennui. If this most recent video by our friends at What A Nightmare is any indication, within the souls of all Frenchmen a Hot Girl Walks By, pulling at heartstrings, punctuating the solitary nature of our collective existence. What does such a man have to live for, when the object of his desires ignores him so? The celebration of Bastille Day? The deep coo of of a Serge Gainsbourg record? Nothing, I mean nothing, can replace the ecstasy of la petit morte.

STARRING: Charles FathyChristian Lagadec, Ernest McDaniel, Claire Dodin  //  DIRECTED BY: Jonathan Hoeg  //  WRITTEN & PRODUCED BY: Eddie AlfanoGreg Roman.



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