Ricardo Villalobos Delivered the “Worst DJ Set Ever” at Cocoon in the Park


Electronic music producer and DJ Ricardo Villalobos had a tough weekend at Leeds’ Cocoon in the Park, after playing what is now being called the “worst DJ set ever” with attendees requesting that he should not be invited back to the festival next year.

Those who attended the house and techno festival have swarmed its official Facebook page to complain about Villalobos’ set, and while the German-Chilean producer is known for his particularly unorthodox style, video footage of his performance at the event has proven to be particularly damning.

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Playing to a large, seemingly bored crowd, Villalobos spent as much time pouring himself drinks with his back to his decks and talking to those backstage as he does actually playing his music. According to those posting on Cocoon in the Park’s official Facebook page, the DJ “killed the vibe” at the festival, with one particularly angry attendee labelling it an “abortion of a set.” 

“At least he’s consistent,” someone else wrote, adding: “He’s absolutely shit every year!” Another attendee wrote that Villalobos’ set was so poor that it “made it rain.” 

Watch his performance below:

Some are defending the set saying that it isn’t Villabolos’ “style” to play crowd-pleasers, but if that is the case then what on Earth is the point of playing to a crowd? I realise that DJs typically seem to suffer from debilitating delusions of grandeur, but if you’re playing to a festival crowd then surely even the most self-absorbed of individuals would consider that these people aren’t going to walk away happy when subjected to a barrage of downbeat nothingness. 

Yes, he’s responsible for creating the superb ‘Dexter,’ but c’mon: give the people something to cheer for. Villabolos may have been having a good time, necking mixers and enthusiastically gyrating, but the crowd most certainly were not.