Watch: Dave Grohl Lets Fan Play Drums at Foo Fighters Show

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Shit – you guys, I think we’ve gone a full two days without a Dave Grohl-related article. So sorry for the disruption. But is Dave the hardest working, most kickass nicest dude in rock? There’s a damn good argument for the case, and his amazing musical throne, designed while high as fuck to accommodate his broken leg, is the latest example. But he also shows his appreciation for his Foo fans in the best ways possible.

On Thursday night, the Foo Fighters played a concert in Toronto and Dave made a lucky fan’s wish come true by inviting him onstage. Cool enough at that, right? Well, sure, but then the kid climbed behind the kit and played drums with the Foo Fighters.

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The young man, Anthony Bifolchi, was spotted holding up a sign that read, “It’s My Birthday Can I Play Drums?” The sign apparently caught Dave’s attention, and he obliged, but not before giving the fan a warning.

“If you suck on the drums, I will personally tar and feather your ass backstage. Get up there, right now! I sure hope this motherfucker doesn’t suck.”

Dave asked if Bifolchi knew any Foo Fighters songs. Bifolchi answered that he would like to play “Best of You,” but Dave said that that was their final song for the night.

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“You ain’t playing that fucking song, that’s the last one we’re going to play tonight. We got a song called ‘Big Me,’ do you know that song? It’s the easiest one, if you fuckk this one up you’re going to look like a total fucking asshole. Ready?”

See how he does below:

How are the rest of this guy’s birthdays not going to suck by comparison?