Festival Of Dangerous Ideas 2015 Program Announced

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Sydney’s Festival Of Dangerous Ideas (FODI) has announced its 2015 program, featuring keynote talks from Australian journalist Peter Greste, British-Pakistani journalist and filmmaker Tariq Ali and Canadian activist Naomi Klein, as well as a number of events in Melbourne.

Now in its seventh year, FODI is taking aim at questions surrounding robot workforces, recreational drugs, euthanasia, climate change, big sugar, censorship and more, with a number of panel discussions.

Among the panels is ‘The New Satirists’, featuring satirists Dan Ilic, James Colley and James Jericho; and ‘Inside North Korea’, featuring filmmaker Anna Broinowski, Korean-American writer Suki Kim and Michael Kirby, who was appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council to lead an inquiry into human rights abuses in North Korea.

What’s more, this year’s FODI will see punters in Melbourne receive a snapshot of the festival for the very first time, with talks and panels as part of this year’s Melbourne Writers Festival. Other smaller events will take place around the country, with content live-streamed from the Sydney Opera House.

The 2015 Festival Of Dangerous Ideas runs from 5th to 6th September. Catch the full lineup of speakers, below, and for more information, view the full program at the Festival Of Dangerous Ideas website.

Festival Of Dangerous Ideas 2015 Speakers

Tariq Ali – The Twilight of Democracy

Gabriella Coleman – Inside Anonymous

Peter Doherty – Knowledge Wars

Martin Ford – Hello Robots

Dennis Glover – Winners & Losers

AC Grayling – Bad Education

Peter Greste – Journalistic Freedom

Johann Hari – Ceasefire on Drugs

Naomi Klein – Capitalism and the Climate

Paul Krugman – Keynote Session

Dr Marc Lewis – Leaning Addiction

Miriam Lyons – Big Government

Dr Helen Joyce – The Right To Die

Laurie Penny – Lost Boys

Gideon Raff – Television’s Reality

Helen Razer – Against Compassion

Jon Ronson – Shame Culture

Eric Schlosser – Nuclear Delusions

Sarai Walker – Fat is Fine

Michael Wesley – Feudal World

Murong Xuecun – China’s Censorship

For a list of the panel talks, see the full program on the Festival of Dangerous Ideas website.