Meet the Mysterious Star of the ‘BBHMM’ Video Who Rihanna Discovered on Instagram


Thanks to the power of social networking you can be a relatively anonymous young woman working in a plant store one day, and starring in a music video alongside the world’s most famous pop star the next. 

25-year-old Seattle resident Sanam was quietly going about her day-to-day life when she discovered that Rihanna had sent a DM to her Instagram inbox. The message was a request from Rihanna to star in her upcoming music video, that we now know as ‘BBHMM’ or ‘Bitch Better Have My Money,’ with her being flown out to the shoot in LA the next day.

Speaking to Vice, Sanam revealed that the reason behind her being picked to star in the video was due to Rihanna having seen an Instagram image of her wearing traditional Hindu headwear. “When we were down there, the first day I met her, I was like, “How did you find me?” She was like, “I saw you on my Explore page,”” Senna explained. “She saw that picture of me where I was wearing my nath and my tika. She was like, “I just thought you were so cool, and I was like, I don’t know if I should message her or not. I don’t know if she’s going to be down.” I’m just sitting there, like, “Are you crazy? How could you be nervous to message me?””


Sanam appears in the video as one of Rihanna’s bodyguards of sorts, helping her kidnap Rachel Roberts and at one point knocking the model out using a wine bottle. It’s uncertain where this appearance will take Sanam, though given she now has Rihanna’s mighty backing we can imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

Watch Sanam’s music video debut, made possible through the power of the Internet, below:

Check out Sanam’s Instagram page right here.