WATCH | Hot Girl Walks By: Zombie Apocalypse

Living through the apocalypse can change a person –  you become hardened by daily suffering and oblivious to gore, you turn inward to find the core strength to survive and desperately hold on to even the slightest modicum of human civility. And yet, some things do not change. The primal instincts to eat, sleep, and bone remain. And in a world filled with unthinkable terrors, when a Hot Girl Walks By (or attacks you in an attempt to to eat your brains), libidos are bound to clash, cliques are bound to form, and zombies are bound to…become the objects of our affection? 

STARRING: Sarah BakerJordan Black, Greg Roman, Adam Rose, Laura Seyffert, Chuck McCarthy, Danny Turco, Michael Hitchcock  // DIRECTED BY: Joe Ahern  //  WRITTEN BY: Jeff Galante, Greg Roman  //  PRODUCED BY: Eddie AlfanoGreg Roman.




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