Orange Is The New Black’s Lea DeLaria, aka Big Boo, Is Releasing A Bowie Covers Album

Lea DeLaria

Orange Is The New Black star Lea DeLaria, who you’ll know as Big Boo, delighted Conan O’Brian and his viewers with an acapella rendition of a David Bowie song this week, and it turns out she’s got more of them in the bag.

“I am a jazz singer,” DeLaria told Conan. “I’ve got five records out on the Warner Jazz label – that’s the kind of music I do. So what we’re doing is jazz versions of David Bowie tunes, 12 of them. I love David Bowie, I’m a huge David Bowie fan.”

That album, House Of David, is due out next week, on June 23. DeLaria first announced the project via a crowdfunding page last year and now it has become a reality.

“The trick is to make the people want to hear it in a completely and entirely different way. I think we’ve got it,” DeLaria said in a video about the album.

“When you see the beautiful ballad for ‘Life on Mars’ and the big church number in ‘Modern Love’, and the bossa nova version of ‘Golden Years’, it’s a completely different sound of Bowie, but all very much within the confines of who he is.”

With a little help in the percussion department from Conan, DeLaria performed a taste of what the record will sound like, with a short cover of Bowie’s “Fame”.

Head to DeLaria’s crowdfunding page for more information. But first, watch her in action below.