WATCH | Hot Girl Walks By: Visitors At A Hospital

After Lucious gets hit by a bus while walking and texting, Jeffrey and Ruth – played by actors Tim Bagley (The Mask, Knocked Up, This is 40) and Fortune Feimster (Chelsea Lately), respectively – pay a heartfelt visit to their fallen friend. The room is dim and dreary, the mood conventionally somber. That is, until a Hot Girl Walks By (aka, the nurse), and Jeffrey and Ruth’s mundane musings on mortality immediately give way to erotic stream-of-conscious absurdities and romantic desperation. 

STARRING: Tim BagleyFortune Feimster, Greg Roman, James Harvey Ward, Adrienne Wilkinson  //  DIRECTED BY: John Antonini  //  WRITTEN BY: Tim Bagley, Fortune Feimster  //  PRODUCED BY: Eddie AlfanoGreg Roman.



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