The Trailer For The New ‘Mad Max’ Game Is Here, And It’s Packing An AC/DC Soundtrack


Road warriors whose heads are still spinning from the cinematic thrill park that was the Mad Max reboot are about to get their own chance to take a spin on the Fury Road, with the impending release of its titular spin-off game. The official trailer for the brutal combat video game Mad Max has just been unveiled, and it comes bearing maximum explosivity courtesy of its AC/DC soundtrack, “Hells Bells”.

And let’s face it: what better tune is there to crank on the car stereo while you drive like a maniac around the barren Australian wastelands of George Miller’s burnt out post-apocalyptic desert, slitting throats and pumping savage War Boys full of shotgun pellets, than an angry belter by the most iconic Aussie rock band of all time?

The game itself, a joint effort by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios, finds Max (with local boy Bren Foster filling in on vocal duties in place of the film’s leading man, Tom Hardy) trying to track down his stolen V8 Interceptor, and forced to do battle with the unfortunately named warlord ‘Scrotus’ along the way.

Said warlord also happens to be the hitherto unseen third son of the movie’s main bad guy, Immortan Joe.

Mad Max: Eye Of the Storm is set to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC from September 1st. Watch the official trailer below, or check out the full gameplay overview, here.

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