Eminem In Talks To Produce Narc TV Series For Paramount


Marshall Mathers III (better known as Eminem) may be coming to TV.

Deadline is reporting that Paramount TV is negotiating a deal with Eminem to join the television adaptation of Narc, a feature film that was released in 2002. If the deal goes through, Eminem would be one of the executive producers of Narc, and the music supervisor. Reportedly, the deal would also mean that Eminem will write original songs for the Narc TV series.

Eminem’s previous brushes with Hollywood include his starring role for 8 Mile, and an Academy Award for Best Song for “Lose Yourself,” from the 8 Mile Soundtrack. But most of Eminem’s acting experience has been limited to cameo appearances as himself in Funny People, The Interview, and Entourage. It’s unclear if Eminem would take an on-camera role in Narc.

The original Narc film was directed by Joe Carnahan, with Ray Liotta and Janarcson Patric as a pair of Detroit Police Detectives who were investigating the murder of an undercover cop. Carnahan wrote the Narc TV pilot,and the show will also be set in Detroit. Carnahan is also expected to direct the eventual Narc pilot, if it gets picked up by a network.

Deadline notes that the success Timbaland has had a music producer on Empire may be one of the reasons that Paramount TV wants Eminem to join Narc. But at the moment, the potential deal has not been finalized.

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