Watch Good Guy Ed Sheeran Surprise A Busking Fan With Impromptu Duet

ed sheeran busker

Ed Sheeran has continued to live up to his reputation as one of the music world’s foremost champs, by giving a fan the surprise of her life at a Canadian shopping centre.

The beloved tunesmith, and beacon of hope to gingernuts the world over, recently popped by the Edmonton mall for a promo stop, when his ears were pricked by the musical stylings of 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau, who was busking on his song Thinking Out Loud as part of a charity fundraiser for the local Humane Society.

Without delay, Sheeran stormed the stage to join the teen for an impromptu duet of the tune.

“Shall I just roll up?” Sheeran can be heard asking his camera man, before jumping up onstage to join the 13-year-old for what she’s since described as “the best moment of my life”.

Even though, as Billboard reports, she didn’t get to talk to him after the number, she did tell her local paper that Sheeran’s team reached out and give her tickets to an upcoming concert.

In other news, the number of enterprising buskers performing Ed Sheeran songs at shopping malls is likely set to skyrocket.

Watch all the action unfold in the video, below.