Watch Seth MacFarlane Sing Cyndi Lauper’s Greatest Hits, As Characters From Family Guy

seth mcfarlane

There’s something about watching a well-recognised cartoon character’s voice come out of the mouth of a real human person that is grotesquely mesmerising. Even more so when that real human person is using that cartoon character’s voice to perform Cyndi Lauper covers, while sitting next to the actual Cyndi Lauper. 

That’s exactly what happened on “The Graham Norton Show”, when Family Guy mastermind Seth MacFarlane came by to guest.

The funnyman, whose credits include creating the “Family Guy” franchise, and providing the voices for many of the main characters, along with the Ted movies, delighted Lauper and titular host Norton by delivering quality renditions of the eighties popstar’s biggest hits, “True Colours” and “Time After Time”, as “Family Guy” favourites, Stewie and Peter Griffin.

With a mandate of imagining the characters at some kind of Quahog Cyndi Lauper-themed karaoke session, MacFarlane morphs between crooning as the sociopathic infant and his perpetual manchild father with the greatest of ease. Shit-hot vocal chops must run in the Griffin family.