Glastonbury 2016 Headliners are ‘Pretty Much Booked’ Already


These long-view festival teases are getting obnoxious. Glastonbury fest organizer Emily Eavis has told BBC Radio 6 that headliners for the 2016 incarnation of the massive UK festival have nearly all been confirmed so far. 

Yes, Glastonbury 2015 is still three full weeks away, held June 24-28 at Worthy Farm, Somerset. Headliners include the massively polarizing Kanye West, Foo Fighters and The Who. Petitions have circulated heavily in attempts to get Kanye replaced on the bill, to no avail. Caitlyn Jenner’s pulling the serious strings, we suspect.

Speaking to Lauren Laverne on BBC Radio 6 Music on Tuesday, Eavis announced that Glasto are “pretty much booked up” for next year’s event – a sharp departure from this year’s trickle-down headliner locks and announcements.

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“We’ve been getting calls about next year’s bands and in particular the headline slots. As there’s only three headliners on the Pyramid Stage, we’re pretty much booked up for next year,” she explained. “I think people start booking [festival acts] really early these days. Festivals are so much beyond the main stages, but we work on [the bookings] all year, always coming up with new ideas and ways to make it better.”

As for that Kanye headliner choice, Eavis revealed that she received death threats following his booking. Eavis told The Times: “It was not a pleasant world we unwrapped. I had death threats and stuff… It was quite upsetting because we were talking about something that was so exciting and interesting and fresh and brilliant for the festival. Kanye West is making the most exciting music at the moment. He is an amazing force as a performer. For us, getting the biggest star in the world was an amazing coup.”

An amazing force as a performer… right. We’ve seen what he does at festivals, firsthand. It’s a nightmare.

Photo: Getty Images