The Internet Really, Really Loves Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick has really nailed this “cultivating an intense, slightly weird online audience” thing down. Much like fellow actress Jennifer Lawrence, Anna combines a dash of awkwardness with a few spoonfuls of self-deprecating humor and the end result is a celebrity that fits perfectly into the frayed tapestry of the Internet, almost as easily as Captain Picard memes and YouTubers screaming over the top of video game footage.

Many moons ago people preferred their famous folk to be untouchable, almost supernatural entities that seemed to solely exist on film, but thanks to the Internet we now know that the majority of our heroes are assholes and when they fuck up, one hundred different publications are ready to slap photographic evidence of said fuck-up in our faces. Nowadays we prefer the celebrities that are a little more relatable, ones who still make mistakes but it’s okay because they’re “one of us,” despite us having never met them nor really knowing what they’re actually like.

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It doesn’t matter, though, because the general public will always react more warmly to a celebrity poking fun at their social anxiety tha they will a celebrity indulging in a 16-day cocaine binge before having a nervous breakdown and checking in at LA’s priciest rehab facility. Fortunately for her Anna Kendrick effectively fits the former category, and she’s so charming that she somehow manages to come off as more likable even when performing next to professional sycophant James Corden.

A good way of getting some insight into how Anna Kendrick has managed to infiltrate the public consciousness so adeptly is to take a look at her Twitter account, where she’s amassed nearly 4.2 million followers by saying the kinds of things that typically don’t fall out of the mouths of people who frequent Hollywood talk shows and who starred in the Twilight movies. We can’t imagine Kristen Stewart tweeting “walnuts, you can fuck off out of my banana bread,” for instance. Then again we can’t imagine Kristen Stewart doing much of anything.

Check out the one-liners that have led to Anna Kendrick securing a place in our collective heart, which apparently isn’t a creepy thing to say about a stranger when that stranger is a celebrity:

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