The Beat: 12th Planet Recounts His Root Inspirations & The Rise of Dubstep

Los Angeles-based dubstep/drum and bass mainstay 12th Planet leads up the Smog Records imprint, a constant beacon of creativity. Recently named “Los Angeles dubstep god” by Rolling Stone, the man – better known to friends & family as John Dadzie – and his influential label SMOG Records are widely credited for bringing the British movement stateside and forcing the genre’s evolutionary hand.

He began playing instruments early on, but it wasn’t until getting familiar with an early version of Fruity Loops (now FL Studio) that he hit his creative stride. Aided by a more mainstream dance atmosphere in radio as a kid, Dadzie was introduced to hardcore – and with an early experience at EDC, the creative wildfires were lit. Years into the experience, John gets a nostalgic gleam in his eye when discussing the early rise of dubstep and its secret-society level of comradery among the few early listeners.

Now, 12th Planet is a mainstay in the upper echelon of EDM. He’s been called The Ambassador, the Johnny Appleseed of Dubstep and beyond – with good reason. Drawing inspiration from his own good fortune, Dadzie is pushed by his own desire to translate pop culture through his own creations, and is on a constant quest to push the next boundary.

Dadzie has lent his obliterating bass and resonating energy to remixes for MIA, John Legend, Travis Barker and more, worked on Korn’s track “Way Too Far” with production partner Flinch, and has collaborations with Dizzee Rascal and others. 

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