Movers and Shakers: Publishers to Watch at E3 2015


As we head toward the middle of 2015, we see that the gaming industry stands at a crossroad. Video game publishers are fighting tooth and nail to earn the attention of gamers, but it’s more difficult than ever to create something unique and memorable. Soon, the investments of the biggest names in gaming will be met with either the admiration they seek, or the rejection that has claimed many.

E3 2015 is on the horizon, and it’s swooping in fast. Running from June 14th through the 18th, nearly every major publisher will be in attendance. They bring with them the latest build of their best upcoming games, as well as announcements that want to drum excitement. This annual event will summon widespread discussion and signal the arrival of a new alumni of games.

In the gallery below, we’ll go over which publishers you should keep an eye on at this year’s E3, as well as what you can expect from each camp.