Soundcheck: IT’s Suitcase Turntable Makes Vinyl Fun Again

Remember when music was still a mystery, when a fun listening experience was the only thing that mattered? There are still a few portals for us adults to return to simpler times, one of them being through a record player. The ritual of pulling the vinyl record from its sleeve, carefully dropping the needle down at just the right point, hearing those first pre-song crackling sounds that tell you the needle has found its groove…. you just don’t get that kind of intimacy through a stream or MP3.

The catch is that companies know the value of warm-sound nostalgia, and all but demand your firstborn as payment to spin the black circle on your own record player. However, Innovative Technology have bridged the gap between vinyl value and quality with their ITVS-550 turntable, a compact briefcase-size record player that’s perfect for casual listening, records on the go or that first record-player purchase for helping a young one discover the wonderful world of vinyl.

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If you’re spending just $60 on a turntable, you should expect the thing to be all but disposable, with flimsy plastic and cheap design. The ITVS-550 is far sturdier than expected at such a cost – our review model has traveled internationally, endured camping excursions and the grabby hands of toddlers, all without quality loss or design impact. Built-in, full-range stereo speakers deliver sound without added components, making for an all-in-one player that’s great for any age. A more evolved model, the ITVS-550BT record player offers bluetooth capability, so you can wirelessly stream your music up to 33 feet away.


Yes, you get what you pay for to some extent. Affordability means a little compromise in your efforts to reach the highest possible point of mechanics & materials, and as with any record player you’ll have to use care in handling to avoid damage. But the ITVS-550s visual appeal, compact ease and consistency of sound make it a fantastic entry-point record player, the perfect sonic-source addition to brighten the color and sound in your bedroom or living area.

Dig deeper and pick up a cost-prime suitcase turntable of your own right here.