The Order: 1886’s Director Addresses “Haterade” and Negativity


Many were expecting The Order: 1886 to be a divisive game well before 2015 rolled around, but it seems it’s much worse than anticipated. Pages upon pages of dissatisfied preview experiences with The Order: 1886 started the drama, and now a YouTube walkthrough showing a five hour completion has ignited something that the development team has been nothing short of surprised by.

Speaking to Develop, Ready at Dawn Director Dana Jan had a lot to say about the negativity that has swarmed The Order: 1886 discussions around the internet, saying:

We have this uncanny ‘haterade’ for our game no matter what,

He added:

People are looking for something to throw at our game, some reason to hate it. I’m excited to hear what people who have actually played the game think about it, how do they feel about the quality and the quantity? I think by and large that most people are going to be satisfied.

He then made an undeniably great point:

If you go out to a restaurant and you have a good time, do you go online immediately to post something? But if you have a bad experience, you’ll jump on because you want to warn people about it right? It takes a lot more effort to say something nice than to say something negative, and I think people are excited to jump on some bandwagon of negativity.

When it comes down to it, The Order: 1886 is a lot of things that aren’t particularly popular with mainstream gamers these days. It’s slow paced, extremely story-oriented, and employs a lot of QTEs. But for every person that dislikes that formula, there’s another who is looking for a game that is concise and does everything in its power to deliver a compelling story.

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The Order ;1886‘s embargo lifts tomorrow (12/19). Our review will be published then, and we plan to stream the early chapters of the game.