PS4 Sales To Outperform Xbox One by 40% Through 2018, Says Strategy Analytics


You could say that the PS4 is performing quite well. More importantly, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can stop it. Naturally, analysts are expecting a very bright future for the still-young current-generation Sony console.

According to Strategy Analytics, the PS4 will have a monumental 80 million PS4’s sold worldwide by 2019, just a little over four years after launch. If true, this would  make it one of the fastest-selling consoles of all-time, next to the PS2 and Wii who similarly sold around 20 million per year average.

Meanwhile, Strategy Analytics predicts that the Xbox One will have 57 million units sold within the same time frame. Most of that will originate in North America where the Xbox One is battling for superior market share, and is expected to win that battle, even if by just a sliver. It continues to struggle in most other major regions, though.

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Microsoft made a lot of mistakes with its early Xbox One delivery, and it’s still paying for it. Thankfully, there’s a bright future in sight. Its current Xbox strategy headed by Phil Spencer is doing it significant favors. A gaming focus with constant improvements to the operating system, and growing list of useful features made the Xbox One a best-seller during 2014’s holiday season.

All the console wars aside, what the factual sales numbers and predictions mean more than anything is that the console gaming industry is just fine despite many claiming that it’s nearing its end. If anything, it’s the dedicated handheld gaming market that is in serious trouble—sorry 3DS—, thanks to the surging popularity of mobile gaming on smartphones.