Too Far? Peter Molyneux Responds to Godus Criticisms by Live-Streaming 22Cans’ Office


Peter Molyneux has come under a lot of fire recently after it was revealed that his latest game Godus wouldn’t be able to fulfil a number of promises it made to players during its Kickstarter campaign, with portions of its development team being moved to a newly announced game, The Trial.

Molyneux, who has built up a reputation of broken promises over the years, was taken to task by PC gaming website Rock Paper Shotgun in a divisive interview, in which the developer was asked whether he was a “pathological liar” and he claimed that he’d give up interviews with the press following the meeting, due to the hostile nature of it.

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With claims that he’s given up on Godus running rife, Molyneux has now responded in a rather unique way – he’s set up a livestream in 22Cans’ Guildford offices.


Molyneux wants people to know that there are still devs working on Godus.

The Twitch livestream features one camera pointed at the back of the studio’s employees’ heads, as they tinker around on their PCs, go to work on the game’s map and drink soda. I’d wager that this is something of a dig at those who have been adamantly questioning how Molyneux is spending his time and whether he and 22Cans have all but given up on Godus, which still being sold on Steam Early Access despite its uncertain future.

You can watch the livestream, which is as exciting as a livestream of an office can possibly be, below: