The Order: 1886 Full Playthrough Leaks Online and Attracts a Ton of Criticism


A full playthrough of The Order: 1886 has been uploaded to YouTube prior to its official release, and the general consensus from those who have watched it isn’t exactly positive. 

The playthrough, which reveals that the game can be completed in around five hours, features a heavy focus upon cutscenes and story rather than gameplay, attracting a polarized response from those who have watched it and suggesting that Sony’s biggest exclusive new IP of 2015 may receive a less than stellar response when it releases on February 20th.

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The full playthrough of the game was uploaded by user PlayMeThrough, who stated that he was playing it on normal difficulty but noticed no considerable difference between the default setting and the game’s easy mode. The playthrough also highlights an abundance of quick-time events, a gameplay mechanic that isn’t exactly looked upon fondly by gamers.

You can check out the first part of the playthrough in the video below, though be warned – it’s (quite obviously) filled with spoilers:

Sony has a lot riding on The Order: 1886, as it’s one of the most heavily anticipated exclusive titles of the year for the PS4, a console which has thus far yet to receive a killer exclusive release. Much has also been made of its ground-breaking visuals, with it being touted as the most graphically intensive console game to date. However, if these visuals come at the cost of engrossing gameplay, then Sony will likely face the same problems with The Order as Microsoft did with Ryse: Son of Rome.