Check Out Nintendo’s New 3DS Marketing Push in These 3 Commercials


Today is a big day for Nintendo. It has just debuted its New 3DS in North America, a product that it hopes will bring much-needed hardware sales momentum.

As seen during Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead last Sunday, Nintendo is taking a new approach to marketing with its 3DS. Instead of aiming for a younger audience, it has taken a more adult-oriented tone. It seems that Nintendo is hoping that it can turn the heads of young adults who may have forgotten how much fun they had with Nintendo growing up.

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There are three commercials, each running at a full 40 seconds, that Nintendo will be pushing on cable networks and online ad space. Each focuses on an improvement the New 3DS makes over its older brethren. You can see all three below:

Super Stable 3D

The C-Stick

Enhanced Processing Power