Here’s a Screenshot and Description of Final Fantasy XV’s Level Up System


What you see above is a level up menu of what could be argued as the most anticipated JRPG release in history. It’s from Final Fantasy XV, a game that’s been in development as long as some young gamers have been alive.

Notice the simple, high-clarity format of the menu and font. This is something Directors Tetsuya Nomura and Hajime Tabata have pushed for during development. FFXV aims to be a mature, clean cut, highly-polished RPG experience.

What you might not know is that FFXV has a leveling system that is much different than in previous Final Fantasy games. Instead of earning experience upon completion of a battle, you won’t acquire the experience until you rest at a campfire. Given that campfires are rested at rather infrequently,you could say that levels come in waves rather than incrementally.

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Square Enix believes this system will allow you to focus on gameplay for long periods of time, followed by moments of downtime where you can enjoy the significant progress of your characters. When at a campfire you’ll be able to fine-tune your characters, and even consume food for temporary buffs.

FFXV is trying many other new things for the series in hopes that it can be considered one of the greats. For example, it will have a full-blown action-oriented combat system akin to Kingdom Hearts. It will also have a day/night cycle, and crafting.

Final Fantasy XV will debut in 2016.