Video Premiere: A War Veteran Returns To Hell in Daniel Glover’s ‘Borrowed Love’

Daniel Glover 

In life’s final twilight, a man looks through photographs, reflecting on love and loss from a lifetime past. And in the time machine of the mind, we’re suddenly in a war-torn world decades earlier, finding the man as a young wounded soldier appearing to round the final bend towards a battlefield death… until he’s pulled to his feet by a fellow man in uniform.

As bullets scream past them, the two stagger through the forest in a desperate bid for survival. Soon the tables are turned, and heartbreak earns a new potency. This is the new video for “Borrowed Love,” taken from Daniel Glover‘s upcoming What Happened Last Week EP, to be released on February 28th. The video stars real-life war veteran Gerald McCormack, and is a glowing example of a video’s potential to add a new spectrum of emotional impact to a song dripping with poignant beauty. 

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