‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Named Guest Editor of MAD

“Weird Al” Yankovic is going quite MAD.

MAD has announced that “Weird Al” will be the first guest editor-in-chief in the magazine’s 63 year history. Although MAD is describing his position as the new “Idiot-in-Chief” for the “The Usual Gang of Idiots.”

Weird Al Goes Mad

“Weird Al” has been performing comedy and parody music songs for 39 years and he’s coming off of a Grammy win for Best Comedy Album. For the upcoming April 2015 issue of MAD, “Weird Al” will write the introduction, pick out his favorite classic MAD article, contribute some new articles and “other ridiculous responsibilities are yet to be determined but will certainly do nothing to advance his career.”

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In a statement on MAD’s website, “Weird Al” said “It was my childhood dream to one day be a contributor to MAD Magazine. This is an excellent example of why children are never allowed to make important decisions.”

MAD editor John Ficarra added that “Al will surely ruin his nearly four decades of popularity by associating with MAD. I still can’t believe we talked him into it!”

“Weird Al’s” issue of MAD will be # 533 and it will be released on April 21.