Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Attacks ‘Staggering Hypocrisy’ of Gov’t Tax Avoidance

21 Atoms For Peace - Treasure Island 2013 by Johnny Firecloud

When he’s not in action with Radiohead, frontman Thom Yorke is doing more than making gentle beats for you to take ecstasy with your girlfriend and get weird to. He’s been working on a documentary with Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja, exploring the rampant tax avoidance in the UK.

The UK Gold film will be broadcast later this month and was scored by Yorke and Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja. The full film soundtrack also features contributions from Guy Garvey, Rose Elinor Dougall and former Libertines member Anthony Rossomando and was mixed by Oscar nominated Banksy collaborator Jim Carey.

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Exploring the history of tax avoidance, the film aims to highlight the status quo of corruption in government. It is directed by Mark Donne and narrated by actor Dominic West. In the clip below, Channel 4 News host Jon Snow discusses the UK tax haven network. And no, he has nothing to do with Game of Thrones.


“For all the current governments talk of standards in the Financial Industry it comes as no surprise perhaps that the reality beneath reveals their staggering hypocrisy,” Yorke tells NME. “Now is the time to reveal the revolving doors between government and the City that has bred lies and corruption for so long, siphoning money through our tax havens for the global super rich, while now preaching that we the people must pay our taxes and suffer austerity. Just who does our government work for?”

UK Gold airs on London Live on February 25. Hopefully by then, over here in America, we’ll have grown tired of our ridiculous Kanye/Beck controversy and pay attention to something informative for more than thirty seconds. Naturally, we have our own tax-dodging architecture of corruption on this side of the pond, and it’s done so under the guise of keeping the rich rolling in riches so the “job creators” can continue shipping American jobs overseas.


Photo: Johnny Firecloud