Incredibly Flirty David Beckham and Susanna Reid Interview Causes a Stir


An interview staged by Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid with legendary ex-footballer David Beckham is the talk of the town today, with Reid looking overwhelmed whilst in the presence of the former Manchester United star and part-time H&M underwear model.

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Beckham made an appearance on the ITV breakfast show in order to discuss his work with charity UNICEF, and talk of his philanthropy appeared to turn Susanna a little giddy, with her spending the majority of the interview giggling while Beckham reeled off a few stories about parenthood.

Watch the interview in the video below:

Susanna Reid saw one of her previous interviews go viral when a sit-down talk she shared with Arctic Monkeys’ frontman Alex Turner garnered similar attention, with the pair discussing how the singer would “look good on the dancefloor.” She was apparently at more of a loss for words with Beckham, though, which is probably what would happen to any human when confronted by a handsome multi-millionaire who was in the process of discussing the charity work he’d embarked on in order to aid struggling children from third-world countries.

We know your game, Beckham – women can’t resist a man who does charity work. If we wasn’t so lazy/selfish we could be just as desired as you are!