Kanye Slams Beck After Album of The Year Grammy Win


I knew Grammy night was a little too neat for Kanye, given that his “I’ma let you finish” muse Beyonce was nominated for Album of The Year but lost to Beck. True to form, the egomaniacal asshole showed some severe disrespect in a post-show statement.

Speaking on a post-show telecast on E! late Sunday with wife Kim Kardashian by his side, Kanye took aim at Beck’s Morning Phase victory, saying the former “Loser” and soon-to-be Boston Calling headliner should give his award to Beyoncé.

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In a remarkable upset, Beck beat out Beyoncé’s self-titled album, as well as releases from Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and Pharrell Williams. Beck also won Best Rock Album, which is utter nonsense because it’s anything but rock, but that’s not where Kanye’s gripe lies. 

“Beck needs to respect artistry,” Kanye said on the E! broadcast — with a straight face. “He should’ve given his award to Beyoncé.”

To recap, here’s what the songwriting credits look like on Morning Phase (left), compared to Beyonce’s new album credits (right). See anything interesting?

Kanye Beck


Beyonce had an army of songwriters putting her album together for her, while there was one songwriter for Morning Phase: Beck Hansen.

“Respect artistry”, Kanye bleats, while shitting all over every bit of sanctity the music industry has to offer. Maybe he realizes his lame-ass lullaby and flat-out failure of an “instant classic” collaboration with Paul McCartney didn’t do so well on Grammy night, and needs to create a new spectacle. What, is a three-day countdown clock for a stupid pair of overpriced shoes not good enough?

Oh, and he actually made it seem as if he was going to storm the stage again, but decided against it:


The pop-culture collective is in fairly unanimous agreement that Kanye West is a cartoonish egomaniac with a sense of self-importance that makes the most self-absorbed rappers look meek by comparison. His penchant for self-delusional nonsense has long since broken our narcissism meter, and he’s been parodied to hell and back – rightfully and hilariously so – by everyone from South Park to Seth Rogen and James Franco to Saturday Night Live to Zappos shoes.