Liverpool Fan’s Tattoo is Changed to “You’ll Never Walk” Following Leg Amputation


A Liverpool fan who had a tattoo on his leg reading “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, the Rodgers and Hammerstein song that is sung at the club’s Anfield ground, now has part of the tattoo’s lettering missing after his leg had to be amputated, with it now reading “You’ll Never Walk”.

Liverpool fan Andy Grant underwent the surgical procedure after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) went off during a routine foot patrol whilst he was serving in Afghanistan in 2009 with the Royal Marines. Andy’s femoral artery was severed in his left leg, while his fibula and tibia were broken in his right leg, causing him to lose 6cm of bone. He decided to have the amputation performed on him in 2010, after witnessing a number of former colleagues continuing with their lives with the help of prosthetic limbs.

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Speaking of the amputation, the now 26-year-old told the Herald

“It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions, and it’s been bittersweet for me. On that day in 2009 I basically ended my career in the corps. I lost a bit of myself on that day and, as a 20-year-old I changed.

“It’s been hard when you look at it like that, but on the flip side I’ve had some amazing experiences that almost make it seem like it was worthwhile.

“It is weird to hear myself say that, but it just shows the level of recovery. It’s opened so many doors. I won two gold medals at the Invictus Games; I’ve abseiled off Europe’s tallest building; I’ve jumped out of planes; my job is an inspirational speaker which takes me around the world; I’ve started amazing relationships with people; I have three children and an amazing family; I’m looking to row across the Atlantic; and I’m hoping to be picked for the Paralympics next year.

“My life has moved on in an amazing way and it’s all down to what happened. It’s given me more of a life than I probably would have had.”

While it seems that Andy is doing fantastically well despite his physical disability, there is a cruel irony in the story of his tattoo that we’re sure we needn’t point out.