These Gold and Silver “Metal Mario” Amiibos Look Amazing


Amiibos have quickly taken the world by storm. In just two months over 5.7 million units have been sold, introducing a powerful new revenue stream for Nintendo while offering fans of the company a new way to display their passion for Nintendo products.

With that, the interest in gaming collectibles has skyrocketed. Retailers such as GameStop and Target now reserve substantial real-estate for Amiibo displays, and are rewarded with high demand for their stock. Although virtually all Amiibos are in hot demand, some have been given much more attention than others, with their value surpassing the $100 mark on sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Now, there’s a couple new Amiibos that are sure to be fought over.

Two certificates have found their way online, each for a new style of Mario Amiibo: one Gold and one Silver. They look fantastic, as seen below:



It is presently unclear how these will be offered by Nintendo. There are rumors that they may be related to Nintendo’s soon-to-be defunct Club Nintendo as a prize for those who achieved Platinum or Gold status during the past year. Or, they could be another limited edition product that flies off store shelves and into the hands of scalpers, Mario fans, and collectors alike.

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Looking at the certificate, it appears that both variants of “metal Mario” have already been manufactured. The biggest question will be what the supply is. This could either turn into a lovely move by Nintendo, or another reason for fans to be upset that they have to head to auction sites to find one.